The Loan Officer’s Practical Guide to Residential Finance – SAFE Act Version

This is the updated 2010 edition of the first book in the ‘Practical Guide’ series for the mortgage industry. The October 2010 version has been updated to meet the requirements of the Safety Act. We recommended a number of amendments made by Amazon readers and reviewers. With all the changes in the industry, keep this product updated is a full time job. The book covers all the professional skills of the loan originator is required, but also includes a federal law, ethics, fraud and predatory lending by the Federal Ministry of components ready Permits Act required SAFE Creator in 2008. Published since 1992, and is updated annually, has written this text book page 378, in response to “sink-or-swim” training methods of mortgage companies many. The format was developed to launch the newly initiated loan officer / agent, lender, processor, or other practical information they need to make the loan officer to the task. The reader learns to understand quotations speed and the point, how to use af

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