Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management (5th Edition)

The best-selling text presents the theory behind the databases in a concise but complete and provides a design methodology for databases that can both drive and non-technical can be used. The methodology of management systems database simple step by step instructions associated with a realistic example worked, using three design phases explicit conceptual basis, logical and physical background
presented. Introduction to Databases, database environment, database and Web architectures. The relational model and Languages: The relational model, relational algebra and relational calculus, SQL: Data Manipulation, SQL: Data Definition, Query by example (QBE). Analysis and design of databases: DBMS life cycle analysis database and the case study of the dream, the entity-relationship modeling; Enhanced Entity-relationship modeling, normalization, standardization of time. Methodology: Methodology-Conceptual Database Design, Me

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